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Edgar Schwaab is examining the maturing progress of the estade produced champagne.

From Kabinett to Eiswein, from White Wine to Red Wine

Cabinet: Originally a wine that is reigning men ordered for her cabinet. Our Kabinett wines are light and drinkable, very digestible and have a little alcohol.


Spätlese: Are full-bodied wines, often with sapid sweet which give the impression of maturity and flavor tolerate longer storage. They are suitable for pleasurable drinking in the evening or as a companion to eating spicy or sweet foods. They should not serve too cold, so that the aroma and flavor unfolds optimally.

Auslese: First the ripe grapes will selected during the harvested. The remaining grapes are picked later after full maturity. The requirements for the minimum must weights lie between 83 ° and 110 ° Oechsle. The Auslese is full-bodied wines with great flavor and fruit. They have their own special charm.

Schoppenwein: The Muller-Thurgau is named after its inventor. It is a cross of Riesling and Sylvaner. It provides fragrant and pleasant wine, is precocious and mild in the acid.


Rotling: Is a tender to light red wine that is made ​​from a blend of white grapes and red grapes. Ideally drinking pleasure: easy served chilled at about 8 ° C, very refreshing.

Rotwein: The dark red color, strong full-bodied flavor and moderate acidity give the wine exactly what he needs - a very substantive and substantial body with almost Mediterranean in character. It goes well with hearty roasts, game dishes and mature cheeses.
Add the wine to open approximately 1 hour before serving so that it can develop its full flavor. Serving temperature: 16 - 18 degrees

Eiswein: It takes a special quality wines under a special position. The grapes are harvested only at a temperature of minus 8 ° Celsius. The frozen grapes must be processed immediately. Water remains in the press back in the form of ice wine, leaving only the juice is fermented. Characteristic of ice wine is the combination of concentrated sweetness and fruity acidity. This makes the ice wine to an impressive specialty and fine companion for desserts and fine pastries.

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