Home of the Winequeen of Erden LEA I. 2018 - 2021

Welcome to the Winery "Albert Schwaab"!

Wine tasting in our wine cellar

E   Friendly service from the heart

I    There is always someone there for you

N   Meet nice people

G   Cozy ambience

U   Surrounded by vineyards

T   Great view of the Mosel river and Erdener Treppchen


  Excellent wines due to pure grape species and small harvests

  Taste for wine?

B   Lively champagne and sparkling wine

E   Refreshing white Burgundy

  Riesling, Kerner and Mueller - Thurgau

T   Lovely red wines


  Summer evenings at the campfire, enjoying cool rosé wine

C   Take a chance and forget about the everyday life

  Help the winegrower in the vineyards

Special vineyard soup "between the vines"

A   Supper with bread and wine

  Spend the evenings with family, friends, or colleagues

B   Come visit us, you are always welcome

If you are interested you can reach us by phone: +49 - 6532 - 2302 or by e-mail: albertschwaab@web.de